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We strategically advise real estate investors and owners and execute transactions in the commercial real estate sector

Invista in a nutshell

Invista Capital Advisers is a specialist commercial real estate advisor with a focus on the hospitality industry. With extensive hands-on business development and investment experience, the team helps clients find and assess new investment opportunities, improve the operational performance of existing assets, and execute direct real estate transactions in Europe and Central Asia.

Since the inception our team has helped to position, grow, and succeed more than 300 local and international major hotel brands. By leveraging the wealth of experience and networks, the team has helped to acquire businesses with a total value of $700M, while maintaining a consistently positive track record and value creation for all parties involved.


Invista’s story is of continuous natural growth. The company (formerly known as Invista Hotels) was founded in 2014 as a UK-based hotel consultant specialising in the European, Russia, CIS and Central Asia markets. The founders’ experience in building wholesale, corporate and retail hotel business flows as well as growing competition in the hospitality sector allowed to identify opportunities in the field of revenue management. Soon after, the company became one of the very first of its kind to create products that empowered hotel operators to track dynamically competitor pricing strategies across more than a hundred hotel booking channels.

Extensive experience in the operational and sales sides of the hotel business enabled the firm to provide practical and effective advice that made a real difference even in some of the most volatile markets in the world. An ever-increasing exposure to the hospitality sector and unparalleled expertise served as a solid foundation to enter the investment industry.

Today, Invista Capital Advisers provides buy- and sell-side advisory services to institutional and private investors and commercial real estate owners around the globe. The company is actively involved in the European off-market hotel transaction business, helping clients identify the most lucrative opportunities and divest existing assets with the best terms. Additionally, the company provides restructuring advice and occasionally takes on other traditional commercial real estate projects.

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