Extensive experience in the operational and sales sides of the hotel business enables Invista to provide practical and effective advice that makes a real difference even in some of the most volatile markets in the world. For anything from feasibility studies, contract negotiations, operational review, to the mitigation of currency risks, restructuring and investment optimisation, we are here to provide actionable value-add solutions to our clients.

Feasibility Studies

Using the experience, market knowledge and advanced research methods Invista advises on the appropriate hotel development schemes. We design solutions and strategies that assist our clients’ business decision-making process.

Performance Optimisation

Invista’s team provides owners and investors with the hotel expertise that secures the delivery of investment objectives. We review the operational and financial results and then help to make the best of the current market environment.


We assist to adjust the financial and operational aspects of a hotel in order to stabilize the performance and return the asset to a healthy operational level.

Management Organisation

Invista advises on the most appropriate operating structures and brands by assessing the clients’ requirements. We use our industry insights to negotiate the best operator terms.

Risk Mitigation

We help to assess and mitigate risk factors related to hotel project investment, operations, and dynamic macroeconomic environment.

Strategic Research

We gather information, analyse data, distil findings, and provide meaningful insights into the performance of the target markets to hotel investors.

Other Services

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