About Invista

Founded in 2014, Invista Capital Advisers is a London-based commercial real estate advisory company with a special focus on the hotel and resorts sector. Having worked with more than 400 hotels and over €500 million worth of other real estate projects across the European continent, we offer unrivalled expertise in advisory and asset management. We manage hotel operations to achieve and maximise sustainable returns, provide turnaround solutions, advise on off-market transactions, and participate in hotel investments.

What Makes Invista

Unorthodox Background

The combination of the best of the worlds of direct industry experience, investment banking and data analytics, enables us to see things others don’t.

Result-Driven Philosophy

We believe and breath practical solutions that directly generate value for the customers. That’s why we operate on the terms closely aligned with the interests of our clients.


We work under strict confidentiality agreements with off-market projects only. By doing so we protect our client’s operations from disruption and unwanted attention.

Off-Market Depth

Strong industry networks and proprietary deal-flow gives us access to some of the most exclusive deals with a range of flexible arrangements.

Authentic Relationships

Lasting relationships must be grown, nurtured, and supported. We do it day by day, year in, year out. We build relationships, not contacts.


Invista develops and uses technology to complement, not replace, human intelligence. This allows us to stay in touch with reality and make effective independent decisions.

Our Story

Invista’s story is of continuous natural growth. The company (formerly known as Invista Hotels) was founded in 2014 as a UK-based hotel consultant specialising in the European and CIS markets. The growing competition in the hospitality sector and the founders’ expertise in building hotel business flows allowed to identify an opportunity in the field of hotel revenue management. As a result, the company became one of the very first of its kind to create products that empowered hotel operators to dynamically track competitor pricing strategies across more than a hundred hotel booking channels.

Hands-on experience in the operational and sales sides of the hotel business enabled the firm to provide practical and effective advice that made a real difference even in some of the most volatile markets in the world. An ever-increasing exposure to the hospitality sector and unparalleled expertise served as a solid foundation to gradually enter the investment industry.

Today, Invista Capital Advisers provides commercial real estate advisory services to institutional and private investors. Invista is actively involved in the European off-market hotel transaction scene, helping clients identify the most lucrative opportunities and divest existing assets with the best terms. The company provides turnaround solutions, manages hotel operations, and participates in hotel investments.

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