Investment Approach

At Invista, we pursue an active management approach, investing and running hotels and resorts with the goal of maximising opportunities and focusing on driving returns via operating activities and capital improvements. We seek to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by relying on expertise rather than leverage.

We are looking to acquire existing hotels and resorts in Pan-European Tier-1 destinations. Click here for acquisition profile and contacts.


Looking beyond the spotlight

Hotels are some of the most overlooked and misunderstood real asset classes. Because of that, there is less competition and more inefficiencies. This leads to higher premiums and more room for value creation.

Active management

We only invest in the assets which can benefit from our active ownership. Active management helps mitigate downside, contribute to capital appreciation, increase asset liquidity, and reduce the need for leverage as a driver of returns.

Operating alignment

Properties managed by experienced owners have a greater chance of yielding superior performance than those managed by a third-party operator. This is due to a full alignment of interests, savings on fees, better control over the costs, and elimination of the principal-agent problem.

Details matter

Hospitality is underpinned by a strong long-term growth in travel, spending and the rising global middle class. Although this supports the sector’s long-term performance, every hotel is a unique operating business and has its own opportunities and challenges, resulting in different risk-reward profiles.


The hotel universe is vast enough to provide an inter-product diversification coming from various geographical exposures, target markets, brands, facilities and other factors. By investing in different segments and destinations, systemic risk can be significantly reduced.

Manageable volatility is long-term stability

Suppressed income volatility is what often leads to terminal losses. Volatility is a product of information flow; therefore, having access and ability to respond to new information is essential for long-term survival. Hotel performance is marked to market daily, meaning hotels can quickly react to external shocks and opportunities. This contributes to the sector’s long-term resilience.

Leverage as a different sort of opportunity

Aggressive capital structures create more opportunities for outsiders than proprietors. Among obvious things, an excessive gearing negatively impacts decision making by creating a completely different psychological landscape. Therefore, attractive investment opportunities may arise solely as a result of someone’s overleverage.

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