Invista assists individual and institutional investors to source, buy and sell properties with minimal public attention footprint to protect transactions from business disruption and unwanted spotlight. Our team helps to formulate the investment strategy, identify appropriate market opportunities, locate buyers and sellers, and facilitate negotiations.

We use the experience and senior-level contacts with hotel operators, institutions, investment organizations, developers, banks, and private investors, to get access to a truly off-market deal flow in Europe & CIS. Strong connections and expertise help us reliably source investment opportunities and seamlessly conduct both sell-side and buy-side transactions.

Our Sell-Side Process

What is it like selling your asset with us? Whether it’s a hotel, a development project, traditional commercial real estate, or infrastructure, we follow normally 5 steps:


Due Diligence

We will request some legal, operational, financial, and technical information to find opportunities and assess risks related to the property. To speed up the transaction process, we may prioritise information requests and, therefore, continuously collect information throughout the other stages of the process.

Building a Business Case

Because hotels and other particular types of commercial real estate are dynamic businesses with diverse operating opportunities and risks, we will analyse the information provided to prepare a convincing investment proposal.


This is the stage we always approach thoughtfully and cautiously. After preparing marketing material, we will carefully approach selected prospective investors and promote the asset. Prospects are selected on the basis of our knowledge about their strategic plans, investment requirements, credibility, and investment activity. To protect the confidential nature of the sale, we will initially share only those details, which will help investors understand the broad profile and opportunities. Other information will be disclosed selectively only if a strict NDA is signed, ensuring accountability of the parties.


We will defend the business case, justify the property price, and get the best terms of sale. Then we may request additional property-related information and arrange on-site meetings. Property owners and their advisors will be expected to accommodate reasonable due diligence requests, while we continue working on the project’s defence. Successful preliminary negotiations will result in a Letter of Intent.

Accepting an Offer

A formal offer to purchase is our final goal. Once we complete negotiations and receive a reasonable binding offer, the ultimate parties will be expected to close the transaction.

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